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Sermons: 1997-2004 Index

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Archived Sermons and Bible Studies

God Commands Test Your Leaders
Mr. Robert Ardis - 12-06-1997 - 15.9 mb

Spiritual Rechabites
Mr. Robert Ardis - 06-13-1998 - 13.5 mb

Private Interpretations or Proven Revelation Part I
Mr. Robert Ardis - 06-12-1999 - 12.7 mb

Private Interpretations or Proven Revelation Part II
Mr. Robert Ardis - 06-19-1999 - 12.5 mb

Step by Step
Mr. Robert Ardis - 01-08-2000 - 13.5 mb

The Exodus Part I
Mr. Robert Ardis - 04-07-2001 - 11.0 mb

The Exodus Part II
Mr. Robert Ardis - 04-08-2001 - 10.0 mb

1975 in Prophecy
Mr. Robert Ardis - 08-31-2002 - 12.3 mb

Mr. Robert Ardis - 10-10-2002 - 13.1 mb

Develop the Fullness of Jesus Christ
Mr. Jon Ardis - 11-15-2003 - 9.8 mb

Conquering Depression
Mr.Robert Ardis - 11-22-2003 - 13.7 mb

Formula for Repentance
Mr. Jon Ardis - 01-10-2004 - 11.5 mb

One for the Ages
Mr. Gerry Ardis - 05-15-2004 - 10.9 mb

Mr. Robert Ardis - 07-31-2004 - 8.9 mb

Mr. Leland Marks - 10-01-2004 - 12.6 mb

As God
Mr. Jon Ardis - 10-02-2004 - 11.2 mb

Tithes & Offerings - Our Opportunity
Mr. Jon Ardis - 10-30-2004 - 14.2 mb

The Basest of Men
Mr. Robert Ardis - 11-06-2004 - 13.3 mb

Lost in the Old Campsite
Mr. Robert Ardis - 11-20-2004 - 14.0 mb

Year End Checkup
Mr. Leland Marks - 11-27-2004 - 10.6 mb

Sense of Urgency
Mr. Leland Marks - 01-08-2005 - 11.8 mb


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