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Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Messages
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon brings messages of good cheer that the bible has for us. Christ is here in the Day of the Lord. All things are ready as the 19th year of this time cycle is being completed.
01/02/2016 4280
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - The Challenge of Aging
Sermon Synopsis
We all look forward to the time we receive immortality in God's kingdom. The society of the world tomorrow will respect its elderly. In the meantime we must rejoice that we have lived so long and have come know God and His truths. We choose with God's spirit not to make the same mistakes of the past and bring forth the fruit of wisdom in our old age.
01/09/2016 4284
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Us
Sermon Synopsis
Many scriptures discuss our calling as firstfruits. Looking at the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are examples for us to follow towards this final goal.
01/16/2016 4287
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - If Your Time Was At Hand
Sermon Synopsis
We all want to say that we have kept the faith and have fought the good fight for God. In order to do this, we must maintain self control/self discipline, be vigilent and resist Satan at all times, and be steadfast in the faith.
01/23/2016 4292
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Steadfast, Unmovable: God's Pillars
Sermon Synopsis
Why do some Pillars stand while others collapse? We must be capable of handling hardship and trials with Jesus as our example. We must remember that God is not like us. His doctrines are not negotiable. Each of us has an important work to do in announcing the Midnight Cry. We must continue to ask for more of God's holy spirit, in order gain further spiritual knowledge, in this call to action.
01/30/2016 4295
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - 02-08-2014 - Not a Single Failure
Sermon Synopsis
We must all make the most of our present state. If prayers are not answered, there is a reason for this. We also must give quality service by showing resoursefullness, overcoming obtstacles and doing the right things without being told. Our present state is a gift from God and is what is best for us.
02/06/2016 3698
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Love Thy Neighbour
Sermon Synopsis
We must love our neighbour, but just how do we do this as God commands us to do? We must realize that we cnnot truly love our neighbour without God's help. Membership in God's family is available for everyone. God puts Himself in the place of our neighbour in Mathew 25:37. Therefore we need to be careful in how we treat others. Our aim should be to treat others as we would like to be treated.
02/13/2016 4300
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Relaxed Faith
Sermon Synopsis
We must continue to have strong faith and belief today. There are examples for us during Christ's ministry of strong faith and belief for us today. The concept of "open door prayer" is discussed. Without faith it is impossible to please God.We must keep in mind that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
02/20/2016 4303
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Not Even A Crumb
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon is about where we are in America and the world today, a world with its violence, hate, immorality etc. that operates out of mans' mind, but is offensive to God. We must get our mind on a much more important race, that of our being candidates for God and the World Tomorrow, and becoming family members in the family of God. We need to plan on how to prepare for the spring holy days ahead, physcially, mentally and spiritually.
02/27/2016 4307
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Renewing Your Covenant
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon looks in the bible for examples of Abraham's obedience to God and how this relates to each of us individually in our own individual path to be God's pillars. According to our obedience to God comes both blessings and cursings. God changes not, nor will His promises to those who obey Him.
03/05/2016 4311
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - 02-22-2014 - The Mind of Christ
Sermon Synopsis
Jesus always did those things that were pleasing to His Father. He gave us an example to follow. He committed Himself to the Father. Six of the fruits of God's Spirit are discussed and how these were evident in the life of Jesus.
03/12/2016 3713

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