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Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - From This Point On 2015
Sermon Synopsis
How are each one of us doing spiritually? Trials are provided to us in order that we can build our characters to be like God's. We need to be renewed from this point on to build the mind of Jesus within us so the Father can say "Well done you good and faithful servant".
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01/03/2015 3993
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Don't Let Your Love Wax Cold
Sermon Synopsis
We should be "hot" for God by 1) regaining our "first love" for God's truth and work, 2) keep ourselves from developing the attitudes of this world, 3) obey God in order to be delivered out of trials, 4) do not let love and compassion grow cold.
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01/10/2015 3997
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - History of the Law - Part 5
Sermon Synopsis
Presented is an overview of four different religious sects within Judiasm. None were keeping the true law of Moses. All had their origins in religious anarchy. There was no cohesive and collective religious authority in existence in Israel at the time of Jesus.
01/17/2015 4009
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Shevat
Sermon Synopsis
Three separate scriptures indicate that keeping the Beginning of Months is an ordinance forever for Israel: 2 Chron 2:4, Gal 6:16 and Col 2:16-17. The Sabbath represents the Father, the Creator, the Holy Days describe the plan of God, and the Beginning of Months represents Christ, His sustaining work, and Who is the image and brightness of the Father.
01/21/2015 4011
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - History of the Law - Part 6
Sermon Synopsis
How did the Jews justify their traditions, as scripture must interpret scripture? There was an acceptance of customs inherited from Hellenism along with a new method of teaching laws not supported by scriptural proof. The Talamud is comprised of independant teachings of the Pharisees, and represents what Judaism is based upon today.
01/24/2015 4014
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Critical Update - Forgiveness
Sermon Synopsis
Preparing for the future is what God's work is all about. Each Sabbath is a continuing reminder for us to deal with overcoming. Joseph's trials are an example to us of forgiveness, and the great power it can work in our life and in the life of others.
01/31/2015 4019
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Our Image
Sermon Synopsis
Is the image we have created for ourselves and for others, a true representation of who we really are? We must overcome three aspects of our human nature. that can affect our image. These are self justification, our evil nature, and comparing ourself with others. God sees our true self. We need to reflect a true image to ourself and others with our example being Jesus Christ.
02/07/2015 4024
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Perilous Times
Sermon Synopsis
We truly are living in perilous times! Mankind has the ability to destroy itself with its numerous weapons and the unknown results of experiments being conducted in the world e.g. the "particle collider". We can look forward to the World Tomorrow and the peace and safety it will offer mankind.
02/14/2015 4028
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Adar -
Sermon Synopsis
Through the holy scriptures, we explore the symbolism and spiritual significance of the sun, moon and stars, and the beginnings of the months.
02/20/2015 4031
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Build The Mind Of Christ
Sermon Synopsis
In preparation for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread, using examples from Holy Scripture, we are given: (1) reminders of God's blessings and purpose for us; (2) ways to work toward perfection; and (3) a warning to beware of Satan's methods.
02/21/2015 4033
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Not Even A Trace
Sermon Synopsis
Are there any traces of the world's character within me? Are pleasures getting in the way of my prayer life? If God is happy, we are happy, and God is happy within us. We need to continue to seek God's will.
02/28/2015 4039
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Prepare For The Spring Holy Day Season
Sermon Synopsis
Creation is the proof of God's existence. The Sabbath is a weekly memorial of creation. The Sabbath is designed to keep us in memory and worship of the true God. The seven Holy Days consistently remind us of God's plan of redemption. The meanings of each Holy Day and how to observe them is discussed.
03/07/2015 4045
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Evening of the Passover
Sermon Synopsis
The first Passover was a matter of life or death. The new covenant Passover is a unique ceremony that needs to be taken with great care and understanding of the meaning behind it. It needs to be taken worthily, at the correct time and in the correct manner. It's a big deal. We must keep it according to God's instructions in the bible, and not by man's traditions and deceptions.
03/14/2015 4053
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Nisan
Sermon Synopsis
The first day of Nisan is not only the Beginning of Months but the beginning of the New Year in God's calendar. The heavens proclaim the power of God. Jesus is the sustainer of creation. This is a continual process over the 12 months of the year and is a reminder to us through observing the Beginning of Months as ordained by God.
03/20/2015 4056
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Sin No More
Sermon Synopsis
If we examine ourselves by God's law and our knowledge of it, we should not be judged. The CGF commission is to measure ourselves and to "think like God". Do I have the vision or does it get put on the back burner? Do I look at trials properly and the end results of what I can become? God wants us to ask for forgiveness and sin no more.
03/21/2015 4058
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - 03-27-2010 - All Thanks To God and Christ
Sermon Synopsis
The Passover is a memorial of the death of Christ. As a human Christ could not sin. We need to desire to keep the Passover in a worthy manner and renew our contract with God. Only then can He make His abode within us, and for us to see His plan of salvation fulfilled.
03/28/2015 2351
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - The Life and Death of Jesus Christ - FDOB - AM Service
Sermon Synopsis
There is much confusion in the world over the Passover, a memorial of the death of Christ. This sermon reviews thirteen deeds of Christ. Using this information we can set goals for ourselves, for the Days of Unleavened Bread, and for the future. We need to live our lives without sinning.
04/04/2015 4073
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Repent and Sin No More - FDOB - PM Service
Sermon Synopsis
Sinning shows a monumental disrespect to God! We must learn to hate sin as God does. Sin waits to destroy us, but we can put away sin if we desire to do so. Do we have Godly sorrow or worldly sorrow for our sins? Conversion is not just agreeing with church doctrine but turning our life over to God and making changes in what we are. The only way to be righteous is to hate sin as God does.
04/04/2015 4070
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Re-enlistment- LDOB - One Service
Sermon Synopsis
We need to leave spiritual Egypt. God is calling out His Firstfruits. The year 2015 parallels the year of the Exodus. We need to renew our contract at Passover and depart from spiritual Egypt immediately after Passover. This sermon addresses how we can re-enlist by following three steps for spiritual deleavening. God is judging the church and each one of us now.
04/10/2015 4094
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - The Faith Once Delivered
Sermon Synopsis
We often experience many trials at this time of year. The worst trial is the one that robs us of our salvation by a falling away from truth. Has the CGF deviated from truth? Five truths of the CGF are reviewed.
04/11/2015 4083
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Glorifying God - (for LDOB)
Sermon Synopsis
God and Christ have a timetable for the fulfillment of Their plan for salvation. Christ was human but overcame His human nature and succeeded. We must do the same. There are numerous examples of miracles in the bible of how God saved Israel. Our calling was a miracle. We are possessors of God's spirit and we can use God's spirit by getting and keeping closer to God.
04/18/2015 4086
Sermon: Mr.Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months -Iyar
Sermon Synopsis
Six scriptures are reviewed about why we need to keep the Beginning of Months as commanded by God. Numerous miracles were perfomed by God for the Israelites that passed through the Red Sea, and also those that were associated with God's Holy Days and Sabbaths.
04/20/2015 4088
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Re-Enlistment (replay)
Sermon Synopsis
We need to leave spiritual Egypt. God is calling out His Firstfruits. The year 2015 parallels the year of the Exodus. We need to renew our contract at Passover and depart from spiritual Egypt immediately after Passover. This sermon addresses how we can re-enlist by following three steps for spiritual deleavening. God is judging the church and each one of us now.
04/25/2015 4094
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Quality or Quantity
Sermon Synopsis
At this time there are over 300 splits and splinters from the World Wide Church of God - quantity. However God has always worked through one man leading the work of His church. God wants no divisions in His church. Many of the churches have quantity but do they have quality? God is currently building quality in His true church at this time and quality is never by accident. It is a product of God's mind in ours. Aim for quality over quantity!
05/02/2015 4098
Sermon: Mr.Jon Ardis - Rejoice In Hope of The Glory of God
Sermon Synopsis
There are different beliefs about what happens when one dies. However the bible is very clear in Rom 6:23 that the wages of sin is death. However God is building the God familly. What it means to be like God is discussed. Eternity will not be boring!
05/09/2015 4104
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Precious Promises
Sermon Synopsis
Physical things are rubbish. The knowledge of God is what is most important. We have been predestined in the future to be in the image of Christ. We must entirely focus on becoming like Christ by making our calling and election sure with true diligence. Eight characteristics of God are discussed in 2 Pet 1:4-10 that if implemented in our lives will help us focus on becoming like Christ.
05/16/2015 4018
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Sivan
Sermon Synopsis
Joshua was given specific instructions by God on how to take the cities on the Caanan side of the Jordan. These instructions were to be observed in order that Israel would not set their heart on worldy goods, or hoard or trade with other cultures. All was to be devoted to God or it would be a curse to Israel. These instructions magnified Joshua within Israel, and provided evidence to the cities around of evidence of God's presence with Joshua and Israel.
05/19/2015 4111
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Keep The Pentecost Vision
Sermon Synopsis
This weekend we have 48 hours of holy time. This sermon discusses our reward/invitation from the Father into the Kingdom of God, members of His family, and the Firstfruits. What will be the general rewards and our own specific rewards? We have the greatest potential ever in God's creation. What a vision the Pentecost vision is!
05/23/2015 4114
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Our Change Will Come - Pentecost - AM Service
Sermon Synopsis
How many more Pentecosts will we observe and be a part of? We must be diligent not to let the wiles of the devil or others in the world to deceive us. Only those that do ALL His commandments will have Godly wisdom. God will show us step by step how things are going to work out.
05/24/2015 4131
Sermon: Mr.John Durrad - The Power of God's Holy Spirit - Pentecost - PM Service
Sermon Synopsis
God does nothing in vain. His Holy Spirit witnesses unto us of His power. We need God's Holy Spirit to enable us to do what is expected of us and to grow spiritually. A person without the Holy Spirit cannot do spiritual works or understand spiritual things. In order to keep growing spiritually we need a continuous supply of God's Holy Spirit. We cannot be resurrected without God's Holy Spirit existing within us.
05/24/2015 4117
Sermon: Mr.Robert Ardis - A Good Report
Sermon Synopsis
We all want to have a good report before God. What are the positive aspects of a good report? Seven set rules are provided in order for us to have a good report and be able to stand before Christ.
05/30/2015 4119
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - God's Mercy
Sermon Synopsis
Numerous scriptures are discussed showing God's mercy towards mankind, His readiness to forgive, His healings and answered prayers to those who keep His commandments.
06/06/2015 4125
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Spirit Life
Sermon Synopsis
We all encounter spiritual setbacks in our lives, some small and some large. Small setbacks can keep us from overcoming bigger issues. We must continually be aware of our spiritual progress. Obstacles, setbacks and accomplishments are phases of conversion.
06/13/2015 4127
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning Of Months - Tamuz
Sermon Synopsis
The blessings and curses outlined in Leviticus 26 are discussed in relation to today's news headlines. God is providing announcements to the CGF on His Beginning of Months to get our attention.
06/18/2015 4129
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Be Not Deceived By Any Means
Sermon Synopsis
How will God make our scattered brethern know that He has loved us? The CGF has been given His secrets: 1) The Day of the Lord, how He has already returned in spirit to discern, and how this day is different from the Day of the Lord's wrath, 2) the knowledge that spirits can die, and 3) the knowledge of God's 144,000 Firstfruits and His plan for mankind.
06/20/2015 4139
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - What's In A Name?
Sermon Synopsis
God names things what they are. God also places His name where His people obey Him. There is a clear difference between the Philadelphian and Laodicean churches. God only uses one church to do His work, and there is only one church headed by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Faithful Witness and the CGF is the Church of God's Faithful.
06/27/2015 4147
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Have You Ever Asked Why -- Updated
Sermon Synopsis
A way to prove God's one true church is needed again. What if dissident information is new truth from God? Are we prepared to welcome new doctrine in obedience with God? God's true church will always be set apart by truth. New knowledge in the bible is new truth revealed by God's spirit.
07/04/2015 4150
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - True Worshippers
Sermon Synopsis
God is seeking true worshippers, a solid core of loyal believers. Do we know what we worship? Human nature is inconsistent, cunning and desperately wicked. False worship is a thoughtless attempt to make God in our image.
07/11/2015 4154
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months- Av
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon provides a history of the destruction of Solomon's and Herod's temples. The temple now is a spiritual one. Satan will try to destroy us but we know that God promises an "open door". The "gates of hell" will not prevail against us.
07/15/2015 4156
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - We Are The Church of God's Faithful
Sermon Synopsis
Are we being arrogant by saying the CGF is the true church of God? We are a small and afflicted church with little strength, but we have new truth from the Word of God. We need to remain zealous to do God's work to show our appreciation for our calling.
07/18/2015 4158
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Hated By All Men Why?
Sermon Synopsis
This time may be a prelude to designed trials for us. All of the building blocks of the spiritual temple have been called, the 144,000 firstfruits. How many of the called and chosen through the ages have remained faithful? We must hold fast and endure to the end.
07/25/2015 4162
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Promises and Rewards
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon talks about God's promises and rewards. We must keep these promises in mind and the rewards God has said He would provide. We must not lose sight of who we are. God has called us and God will do it.
08/01/2015 4167
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Jesus Wept
Sermon Synopsis
How much does God care? Jesus had sympathy for mankind during His life. God is interested in every circumstance and how it will shape us as building blocks in His temple. It is better to trust in God than in any man, including ourselves.
08/08/2015  4173
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Feast of Trumpets - Mental Preparation
Sermon Synopsis
There is a general feeling of uncertainty and we know something is coming in the world. This causes stress for many. We need to ask ourselves if we are prepared. Does spiritual preparation equal mental preparation?
09/15/2015 4177
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Elul
Sermon Synopsis
We continue to wait for the time of God's healings. An introduction to the possibility of 2016 to 2020 and the 1335 days of Daniel 12:12-13 being an important time to watch is discussed.
08/16/2015  4175
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - History of the Law- Part 7
Sermon Synopsis
There is a parallel today as it was at the time of Christ and Judiasm of His day. Religious customs were more important than the law of God and therefore why many sought the opinion of Christ. Judiasm at the time of Christ no longer represented the religion of Moses. The Sabbath was modified in many ways making it a heavy burden to practice.
08/22/2015 4179
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Our Time Is Not Yet, Or Is It?
Sermon Synopsis
The world needs the return of Jesus. This sermon looks at the life of Jesus from His last Feast of Trumpets to Passover. Christ had a time for everything that He did in His ministry. The scriptures promise healings in the near future. It appears that all systems in the world are closer for our time to soon arrive.
08/29/2015; 4187
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Trust In God Not In Man
Sermon Synopsis
Mankind is not doomed but has a mediator who is Christ. John 16:33. Our reward is based on how we use the Holy Spirit. Conversion is the measure of our using the Holy Spirit in overcoming. We need to gain knowledge of God's law and then obey, understand the connection between cause and effect, and exercise wisdom in applying understanding.
09/05/2015 4190
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - History of the Law - Part 8
Sermon Synopsis
Christ came to a people who had rejected the laws of God and He came to remind them of this. Christ commanded obedience to those who sat in Moses' seat (the Beit Din). Moses had both religious and civil responsibility. At the time of Christ the Beit Din had only religious responsibility while the Romans had civil responsibility. God's true church today has binding authority for the perfecting of the saints Eph 4:12-16.
09/12/2015 4182
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Trumpets 2015 - Time-Line 2015 - 2020
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon discusses our need to understand the Pentecost resurrection in light of the 1335 day prophesy and Daniel 12:12-13. There are 1335 days completed between Trumpets October 3, 2016 and May 19, 2020. Pentecost on May 20, 2020 would be the 1336 day. Could this be a timeline to watch?
09/14/2015  4192
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Day of Atonement 2009 -Twinkling Of An Eye
Sermon Synopsis
Atonement reveals a vital part of God's plan. Atonement means being in total unity with God and Christ. We need to think and act like God. Satan is bound for 1000 years.
09/23/2015 2472
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - The Penultimate Day Of Trumpets?
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon helps us to understand the warning message of Trumpets and to escape the day of the Lord's wrath. Trumpets pictures the Day of the Lord continuing for eternity and the end of the present wicked world.
09/26/2015 4198
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Opening Night Message -FOT 2015 Gordonton
Sermon Synopsis
Everything rises or falls on Godly leadership. Currently we live in a world with a severe lack of Godly leadership. The characteristics of Godly leadership is discussed.
09/27/2015 4206
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Christ Our King - 1st Day FOT 2015 - AM Service
Sermon Synopsis
What is our mindset going into this Feast of Tabernacles? What does God want to teach me during this feast? We need to think like God if we are to be the firstfruits for eternity. Various scriptures are reviewed about the King of Kings who is our example to follow now.
09/28/2015 4214
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Picture of the World Tomorrow - 1st Day FOT 2015 PM Service
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon speaks to what the wonderful world tomorrow will be like. The four horsemen are riding now. This world will pass away. The world tomorrow will be based on Godly principles and it will be wonderful!
09/28/2015  4211
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Larger Than Life - 2nd Day - FOT 2015
Sermon Synopsis
Our destiny is to be righteous men and women living larger than life! We can live today and emulate to others what it would be like living large in the World Tomorrow. God will be selective of who He will have in selected positions in His kingdom.
09/29/2015  4210
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Righteous Judgement - Part 1 - 3rd Day - FOT 2015
Sermon Synopsis
God's righteous judgement is the standard of measurement that we must learn. Judgement and righteousness are inseparable. God always judges in love, truth and righteousness. There are times when we should and should not judge. Four steps to take in judgement is discussed.
09/30/2015; 4203
Sermon: Mr. Lawton - Righteous Judgement - Part 2- 4th Day - FOT day 2015
Sermon Synopsis
We must look to God as to when and when not to enter into judgement with our brethern. We must learn righteous judgement as we will be judging the tribes of Israel in the Millenium. We need to have the mind of Christ and develop His qualities for righteous judgement.
10/01/2015 4205
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Your Story - 5th Day - FOT day 2015
Sermon Synopsis
How was our year? Was it tough? Will we have a good report and be in God's Hall of Fame? This is our opportunity to have a high position or a lesser position. Our reward will be according to our works just as it was for the men and women of the bible. There will be various positions in the 144,000 firstfruits.
10/02/2015 4223
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Ministering Spirits - 6th Day - FOT day 2015
Sermon Synopsis
A pillar position is an exhalted position. We can expect to have trials and persecutions. This sermon discusses the role angels have in helping us to maintain our pillar positions.
10/03/2015 4225
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Listen Up - 7th Day - FOT day 2015
Sermon Synopsis
We need to remain poor in spirit and tremble at God's word. Hearing the word of God is mentioned 30 times in the bible. We have a responsibility to listen. Are we listening so that God can get us back on the narrow path if we are going off track?
10/04/2015 4226
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - - Last Great Day - AM Service
Sermon Synopsis
The Last Great Day will be the greatest feast of all for the majority of mankind. Pentecost is our day, the feast of Firstfruits. In the Last Great Day there will be total annihilation for rebellion.
10/05/2015 3939
Sermon: Mr.John Durrad - The Last Great Day in the Plan of God - Last Great Day - PM Service
Sermon Synopsis
If the spirit of God is not in us then we will not be able to keep God's laws. Christianity is only a small part of the world's population, so what is the fate of the unsaved? The second resurrection will be the opportunity for all mankind to receive God's spirit. Satan will be made flesh and destroyed.
10/05/2015 2848
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - How Well Do You Know God?
Sermon Synopsis
Everything is worthless compared to knowing God. We get to know Him by frequent contact with Him and with our brethren. Through prayer, bible study, meditation and fasting, we acquire and are able to use the mind of God in all we do
10/10/2015 4228
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Cheshvan
Sermon Synopsis
The Beginning of Months celebrates Jesus is the sustainer of creation through each of the twelve months of the year. Jesus is the head of the Church and the Firstfruit of the dead. The beginning of months provides us with the opportunity to know Jesus and the Father more, as Jesus is the image of the Father.
10/14/2015 4230
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Absolute Truth, Hidden
Sermon Synopsis
The truth of God and His plan are hidden from most of the world. We can find it only if and when God reveals it to us through His Word by His Holy Spirit. The scriptures prophesy that much new truth is to be revealed to God's true Church at the end of this age.
10/17/2015 4202
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - God's Feast
Sermon Synopsis
God's feasts are not holidays for us but solemn assemblies. God had a feast plan in mind before the creation of man. God covers all humanity in His feast days. No nation or church will survive without this plan.
10/24/2015 4235
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - It's Time To Go
Sermon Synopsis
Are you really ready to flee to a place of safety? We must be prepared now, living in Christ, the true place of safety. We are in training to be pillars with the attitude of "Yes, Sir, I'm ready to go!"
10/31/2015 4239
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - The Economics of God's Law
Sermon Synopsis
The current world economic system encourages enslavement, poverty and injustice. In contrast, with Christ ruling, obedience to God's laws of economics will bring freedom, justice and security for everyone.
11/07/2015 4245
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Disfellowshipment
Sermon Synopsis
This serious sermon addresses how disfellowshipment can be a protective tool for the Church. Disfellowshipment utilizes judgement. When this judgement is neglected, a loss of justice, mercy and faith can occur. This can cause disunity in the Church. Four categories of disfellowshipment are discussed.
11/14/2015 4248
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - The Story of Joseph
Sermon Synopsis
Before honour is humility. The bible provides examples for us in the way God dealt with Israel. Joseph's story provided an example of how he was humbled and used by God. God will raise us up in due time as He did for Joseph.
11/21/2015 4253
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Trust In God
Sermon Synopsis
It is a difficult thing for us as human beings to trust others. We must however be able to trust in God during trials. Four points are covered on how we can do this.
11/28/2015 4258
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Praising God
Sermon Synopsis
We must give praise for what the Father and Son have done for us. This sermon covers a number of scriptures dedicated to Their praise.
12/05/2015 4262
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Beginning of Months - Tevet
Sermon Synopsis
The world is passing away but he who does the will of God abides forever 1 John 2: 15-17. Do what God commands and do not add or diminish from it!
12/12/2015 4268
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Are You Spiritually Minded?
Sermon Synopsis
What does it mean to be spiritually minded? Seven steps are provided to show us how we can grow spiritually in grace and knowledge.
12/19/2015 4272
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - God's Wonders
Sermon Synopsis
This sermon discusses a number of God's wonders for our encouragement today. Being baptised and knowing the plan of God for mankind is a blessing! We know the horsemen are riding and want to be worthy to escape by seeking our God diligently through prayer, bible study, fasting and meditation.
12/26/2015 4275

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