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Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - The Chosen of God
Sermon Synopsis
Many are called but few are chosen. Are you called AND CHOSEN? This sermon gives a Biblical explanation of the difference between being just called and being called AND CHOSEN. It also contains a review of Herbert W. Armstrong's - Seven Laws of Success.
01/07/2012 2937
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Four Thousand Years Late
Sermon Synopsis
How by inadvertently keeping God's commandments and instructions have some physicians in the world all but eradicated various illnesses in recent years? How also can a lack of obedience to God's commandments and instructions decimate mankind?
01/14/2012 2932
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Are You HOT For God's Work?
Sermon Synopsis
Instruction is provided in the attitude we should have in approaching God's work and the keeping of His commandments. Proof that continued growth in God's grace and knowledge, and the zealous maintenance of it, is imperative to remaining "Hot" for God's work. We must not develop a lukewarm attitude!
01/21/2012 2931
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Leviticus #3 The Sin and Trespass Offerings
Sermon Synopsis
This presentation is a continuation of an in-depth study of the book of Leviticus. It offers an explanation of great spiritual meaning in the physical sin and trespass offerings made by the Levitical priesthood and ancient Israel.
01/28/2012 2933
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Which Translation?
Sermon Synopsis
Proofs of the validity of the Bible and helpful information on how to study with so many different translations of the Bible is provided. Also included are some examples of glaring errors in some more modern Bible translations and a conclusive reason for the use of the King James as a main study Bible is given.
02/04/2012 2956
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Time is Short--Do You Feel the Urgency?
Sermon Synopsis
Serious encouragement provided: Remember who you are and the goal of your calling, because the time is at hand! There is biblical proof that there will be a cut-off point when efforts will no longer avail to save oneself from the Great Tribulation for those who have failed to perform as instructed in these last days.
02/11/2012 2960
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Are You Ready To Rock?
Sermon Synopsis
Admonishment is given to seize the day and be prepared for any number of potential physical and spiritually challenging circumstances. Biblical and non-Biblical admonishment and examples of being prepared and how to get there is provided.
02/18/2012 2964
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Our Reasonable Service
Sermon Synopsis
A curse is upon the World due to the lack of following God's way. Are you doing everything that God has asked you to do? This is a call to examine yourself to know that you are hot for God's work.
02/25/2012 2970
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - The Seven Visions of Revelation 14
Sermon Synopsis
Concise explaination of events to occur during the 111 (on average) days between the resurrection of the 144,000 Firstfruits, the bride of Christ redeemed from the earth, until the return of Christ as King of Kings with His wife is discussed.
03/03/2012 2988
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Pre-Passover Repentence
Sermon Synopsis
Encouragement provided in an examination of ourselves in light of the human condition of "none being righteous" when compared to Christ's character, the character of God, being our goal. Examination of our covenant with God at baptisim is reviewed.  How we come before God at the Passover is a vital element to the eventual completion of that covenant.  Included in this sermon is an examination of the 10 commandments, and some examples of how they relate to our self-examination.
03/10/2012 2986
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - To Finish His Work
Sermon Synopsis
A pre-Passover examination of ourselves as pertaining to the Church being of "one accord". Examination of our faith in the Church of God's Faithful being the Church of God, especially as to the decerning of the Lord's body in the partaking of the Passover service. Do we have faith? Definitive answers are given to show that the CGF is the faithful Church of God.
03/17/2012 3001
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Examination Time--Ask Yourself
Sermon Synopsis
Two weeks from Days of Unleavened Bread - A motivational sermon for self-examination before Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread. We are not caught unaware that Christ is descerning between the righteous and the wicked.  Time is short. How are you doing? Rev. 22:11 - Time is limited!  You must overcome!
03/24/2012 3005
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - The Rest of the Story
Sermon Synopsis
The 10th of Nissan, the day of the "Setting Apart of the Lambs". The understanding of Christ as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, a review of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God and special music played within the sermon - "The Song of the Lamb" by Kevin and Fawn Montgomery is provided.
03/31/2012 3009
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Forget Not His Benefits
Sermon Synopsis
During the days of Unleavened Bread we practice walking with God and keeping sin out of our lives. We can look at the many benefits we receive through doing this, and the wonderful blessings we receive from God, both now and in the future.
04/07/2012 3014
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Now Is The Hour
Sermon Synopsis
This week we keep leaven out of our houses and sin out of our lives as we strive to become perfect like Christ. Jesus Christ faced His hour when, through His obedience and suffering, He glorified God and was glorified in turn. Our hour is now upon us, and this same glory will be our reward.
04/07/2012 3017
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Sin and The Days of Unleavened Bread
Sermon Synopsis
We have been given this wonderful physical festival to help us in the process of spiritual de-leavening. As we not only avoid eating leaven this week, but replace it with unleavened bread, so we must also avoid sin and unrighteousness, and replace it with obedience, sincerity and truth.
04/13/2012 3021
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Triumph Gloriously
Sermon Synopsis
We have been on a spiritual high during this week of Unleavened Bread, and each day we should be more convinced that we will triumph gloriously and make it into God's Kingdom. We must now do our part in avoiding the spiritual lows, by focusing on these highs and not letting down.
04/13/2012 3322
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Avoid the Leaven of Apathy
Sermon Synopsis
This week of Unleavened Bread reminds us that we, as spiritual Israelites, have to beware of apathy creeping in and separating us from God. We must throw off our slave mentality, become unleavened Christians, and believe in God's promises. Our faith in God's protection and guidance must remain strong.
04/14/2012 3026
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Numbering Our Days
Sermon Synopsis
Just as we are told to number our days in the physical sense, we must also number the days spiritually. We need to be aware of the times we are living in. We don't know how many days we have, and we must put God and His truth first, and be prepared for our future roles.
04/21/2012 3023
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Avoid Discouragement
Sermon Synopsis
Just as leaven spreads through a lump of dough, so the destructive emotion of discouragement spreads and can overwhelm and stifle our spiritual growth. To overcome this takes determined effort on our part, combined with God's Holy Spirit. We must step out with spiritual courage and rejoice.
04/28/2012 3037
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - History and Prophecy
Sermon Synopsis
As we count down towards Pentecost, we should heed the warnings of the Bible, both with regard to the history of the ancient Israelites, and also the prophecies of Ezekiel and others about what happens to God's people when they turn from him and ignore His commandments.
05/05/2012 3043
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - When Opportunity Comes....Use Faith
Sermon Synopsis
Without faith we cannot please God. How will we respond when opportunities come to test our faith, and will God be pleased with our response? It is our duty to develop faith so that we can get closer to God, and we must ask for His help if we find ourselves lacking in this.
05/12/2012 3045
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Spiritual Veterans
Sermon Synopsis
As we approach Pentecost, we must consider both the opportunity and the responsibility we have been given by God to be a part of His church at this time. We owe it to Him and also to those who have gone before us, the spiritual veterans, to overcome and to endure.
05/19/2012 3310
Sermon: Mr. Kevin Montgomery - The Final Countdown
Sermon Synopsis
Just like elite astronauts we have also been selected and are being trained for a very exciting and amazing work. As we have counted the weeks to Pentecost, we are now entering the final countdown. We should be feeling the excitement build as the time for our change comes closer.
05/26/2012 3056
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Your Invitation...2012
Sermon Synopsis
This day of Pentecost pictures the day when we will receive our ultimate reward, to be with Jesus Christ and the Father in their glory, to be welcomed into the God family – the time to answer our invitation. We must stay the course, and we do this by faith, as did the righteous ones who went before us.
05/27/2012 2984
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Count 50 For Pentecost
Sermon Synopsis
As we count 50 days from the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the day of the wave sheaf offering, which pictures Jesus Christ, we come to Pentecost, when the wave loaves were presented to God. With the deeper understanding that we now have, we know that Pentecost is the day when the firstfruits will be resurrected.
06/02/0122 3059
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - The Pentecost Vision
Sermon Synopsis
This is the day of Pentecost, the day when the wave loaves were presented to God. These wave loaves picture the firstfruits, which we have been called to be. We must keep this vision alive so that we can overcome and be a part of these firstfruits, and be presented to God the Father, by Jesus Christ.
06/09/2012 3053
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - A Recent History
Sermon Synopsis
This is a history of God’s Church since the death of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, and is a warning message given as part of the Midnight Cry of Matthew 25:6. We can see from the scriptures exactly where we are in Bible prophecy, and we know that time is short, and God’s Church must be made ready!
06/16/2012 3092
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Why Marriage?
Sermon Synopsis
Marriage is not an invention of man, but was ordained by God at creation, and is governed by the laws of God. It is therefore a divine institution. It pictures the time in the future when Jesus Christ will return and marry His Bride, the church, and we will become part of God’s spiritual family.
06/23/2012 3087
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Kingdom of God
Sermon Synopsis
We are told to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Do we do this, or have we allowed the cares of this life to distract us from the commission we’ve been given, and the opportunity to be a part of God’s Kingdom? We are to seek first the Kingdom of God –this should be our life!
06/30/2012 3103
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Crisis Point
Sermon Synopsis
We are to be learning new truth from the Word of God (2Pet.3:18). This is the identifying sign of the true Church (Jn.17:17). HWA completed the commission to build the spiritual temple and to take the gospel to the world. Now the commission of the true Church is to issue the Midnight Cry, warning the scattered churches of God to come to where the Bridegroom is, because the time is at hand.
07/07/2012 3108
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Striving For God's Righteousness
Sermon Synopsis
We must strive for God's righteousness, learning to think and act like Him, to always do right. Our righteousness is as filthy rags, but Christ's sacrifice and our faith in Him allow us to have God's righteousness. But we must be close to Him through prayer, bible study, meditation and fasting. Christ is here discerning who is righteous and who is not, whom He will protect and whom He will not.
07/14/2012 3115
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Preach,Warn, Teach
Sermon Synopsis
As firstfruits, we have an obligation to present every man perfect before Christ. To that end, we: 1) preach Christ's vision for the future, and 2) warn (a) about where our present disobedient society will lead, (b) the sleeping virgins to heed the midnight cry; and 3) by teaching God's ways by example, and by being ready to give an answer in a caring, humble and empathetic way.
07/21/2012 3112
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Building The Family Of God
Sermon Synopsis
All the unhappiness in the world stems from the breakdown of the family, beginning with Adam and Eve. To have a happy world, husband, wife and children must understand and fulfill their God-given roles in the family. All must look to God as the ultimate head of the family. This will be the only way allowed in the World Tomorrow. But we, as firstfruits, must do it now.
07/28/2012 3125
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - A Recent History of the Church of God--Audio
Sermon Synopsis
A description of how the changes and events in the Church of God since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong have fulfilled Bible prophecies is presented. How can we identify the true work of Christ today?
08/04/2012 3131
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Be A Balanced Christian
Sermon Synopsis
There are occasions where serious questions need to be taken to our ministers, but a balanced Christian must regularly exercise spiritual judgment. We must daily strive to handle every situation as Jesus would--in our relationships, communication, work, and spiritual responsibilities. This requires regular, deep meditation. Some common questions about keeping the Sabbath are discussed.
08/11/2012 3134
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - The Best Feast Ever So Far
Sermon Synopsis
Tips for having the best Feast of Tabernacles. (FOT) are presented. Focus on the spiritual. Be thankful, giving, and respectful toward everyone and the physical facility we are guests of. Be organized before and during the FOT. Be careful and take care of your health.
08/18/2012 3142
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - To Make A Difference
Sermon Synopsis
We have a special calling to make a difference.  We must be faithful to God, and be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep His laws and finish His work.  Meditate on possible “fiery furnaces” that we might face and how we will handle them.  Time is short, and NOW we must prove ourselves worthy to stand before Christ as His bride.  There are no excuses.  Closeness to God is essential.
08/25/2012 3155
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - What Is Your Vision of God's Plan
Sermon Synopsis
Our vision of God’s plan changes and becomes more clear as we see prophecies fulfilled, and as God opens scriptures to our understanding.  As the holy days approach, we review scriptures that show God’s Church and our role, in bringing in and fulfilling the Kingdom of God.
09/01/2012 3160
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Remember Who You Are
Sermon Synopsis
As a part of only 144,000 firstfruits, we have received spiritual blessings by God’s good pleasure. Like Gideon’s army, we are a small elite group specially chosen to do a service by God’s power. He expects us to be holy and blameless.
09/08/2012 3172
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Let Us Pray
Sermon Synopsis
It is a privilege to talk to God as a friend.  For effective prayers, we need to know God’s will by studying His Word.  We must believe Him, keep the commandments, fear Him, be humble, persistent, patient and fervent, and ask by the authority of Jesus.
09/15/2012 3175
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Feast of Trumpets 2012
Sermon Synopsis
A step by step timeline is here explained, demonstrating the urgency in these end times. We hold the secret about the Day of the Lord, Christ is decerning and so we need to be vigilant and stay close to God- staying focused on who we are. We are also warned about Satan's awareness of this shortness of time and the immense power he wields. He is enraged and so need God on our side. We should stand strong as pillars awaiting the rewards Christ will bring us in fulfilling God's pleasure to give us the Kingdom!
09/17/2012 3382
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Cry Aloud
Sermon Synopsis
We are warned to be on God's side as His wife when He makes war against the unrepentant world! Here expounded is the tremendous part the First fruits, as the wife of Christ are going to play. The CGF membership, set apart by truth - are instructed to cry aloud using the power of God as back up for soon to occur miracles, signs and wonders- to awaken the sleeping virgins. We should be on gourd, anticipating the return of Christ with us , his wife on this day in the future Feast of Trumpets to make war!
09/17/2012 3376
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Trumpets -- An Appointed Time
Sermon Synopsis
Keeping God’s feasts is essential to understanding prophecy and God’s carefully planned timetable. Trumpets signifies war and peace to the greatest extremes in history, which are coming soon. God expects us to help rescue the lost sheep who are in grave danger.
09/22/2012 3187
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Replay -- Atonement 2011
Sermon Synopsis
There is confusion in the world that the God of the earth and the god of the world are the same. The bible tells us through numerous scriptures that the rule of the earth is the Lord's. In the Millenium God will have rule over the earth and Satan will be bound.
09/26/2012 3189
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - The Principle of Government
Sermon Synopsis
The Day of Atonement is about a change of government. The two goats depict Satan's removal and the end of his system. The only place on earth to find God's from-the-top-down family government of love, is in God's Church. To qualify as kings/priests, we must be submissive to God's government now.
09/29/2012 3191
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - FOT 2012 - Opening Night Message - Replay Atonement 2011
Sermon Synopsis
Here outlined is the plan of our salvation, beginning with Jesus Christ at Passover right through all 7 of God's holydays!As we enact this plan, in our creation to become god beings, we are stirred by the words of hope from the Almighty God. At Pentecost the 144000 first fruits are resurrected and become Christ's wife. Ultimately to be glorified and to bear a more excellent name than the angels and to be in Jesus Christ's image. A glorious new woccrld is surely coming as it is God's will to give us the Kingdom.
09/30/2012 3145
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - God Knows Your Story
Sermon Synopsis
We need to focus on the vision ahead and stay close to God with the clear knowledge that we will inherit offices in God's Kingdom, as part of the 144 000, the wife of Christ. Offices are being prepared and positions are being made based on decisions we make using God's law and His Spirit each day. God knows our story and all what we have been up to so far but the ending is ours to decide..
10/01/2012 3196
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Enact the Kingdom of God
Sermon Synopsis
Outlined are step by step pre-feast planning, budgeting and instructions on how to have a wonderful Feast. It is God's desire for us to prosper both physically and spiritually.
10/01/2012 3192
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Feast of Tabernacles Awareness
Sermon Synopsis
The importance of keeping God's Feast of Tabernacles with Christ and God the Father as He commands is explained. God commands us to enjoy whatever our hearts desire and to rejoice, but only as it is pleasing in God's sight-ensuring that nothing is done in vanity, but to focus on those things that are pleasing to Him, as He intends.
10/02/2012 3201
Sermon: Mr. Kevin Montgomery - Faith of the Youth, A Gift From God
Sermon Synopsis
On this Family day during the Feast of Tabernacles, the youth are reminded about the need to obey instructions from God the Father in faith- a tremendous gift from God to the youth as well as the adults. The youth are admonished to obey their physical parents so as to practice to trust God in all things and get blessings. This gift of faith demonstrates God's love to us and how He desires to build the ultimate God family.
10/03/2012 3203
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - The World Tomorrow 2012
Sermon Synopsis
We need to compare this decadent and destructive society to the Wonderful new world approaching, as represented by the Feast of Tabernacles. God's laws and principles will be incorporated to implement God's government so as to provide peace and happiness for the people. We will assist Christ as we make up His wife; the 144,000. Therefore we need to keep this vision, thinking like God, and focusing on becoming pillars in God's temple.
10/04/2012 3208
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - God's Protection
Sermon Synopsis
Christ's mission is to fight our battles, however, His protection is conditional. This is demonstrated by the five prerequisites stipulated in this sermon. We need to take advantage of this promise and meet these prerequisites so as to prevent needless perpetual suffering, because Christ who gives us deliverance as our Savour fights our battles.
10/05/2012 3206
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - How We Will Appear?
Sermon Synopsis
As we ponder and attempt to imagine how we will appear in the world tomorrow, we quickly realise that it is humanly impossible to fully comprehend. It is God who reveals these deep things through His spirit; that we shall see Him as He is for we shall be like Him having become gods as God is God. Throughout the word of God, it is demonstrated how as God -beings like Christ, we shall be able to appear in varied range of forms, from fleshly beings; toned down glory up to glorious spirit beings in His likeness! Since the Day of The Lord, more understanding on the seven spirits of God was given and are thoroughly expounded on in this sermon. These are qualities and characteristics of God that we shall also possess with the exception of rank.
Sermon: Mr. Kevin Montgomery - Godly Communication
Sermon Synopsis
God created communication so that we can know Him, be close to Him, know what He wants us to do, be in one accord with our brethren, and show love toward others.  In all our speaking, we must remember to be ambassadors of God.

10/07/2012 3219
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - Last Great Day 2012
Sermon Synopsis
The Last Great Day will be preceeded by a time of great peace and instruction in the law of God and His government will be in action. However during this time we will also be watching and warning about the time when Satan will be released. We will need to help Isreal to qualify and be ready to help those being raised on the Last Great Day to qualify as future God beings. What a remarkable work we have ahead of us!
10/08/2012 3292
Sermon: Mr. Robert Ardis - Last Great Day 2012
Sermon Synopsis
Jesus used nothing but parables to speak to crouds during His ministry on earth, but explained the deep meanings of the parables to His disciples. We only in CGF understand the great meaning of "in the which", the Day of the Lord, where all of the plans of God the Father and Jesus Christ will be fulfilled.
10/08/2012 3293
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - That Great Day 2012
Sermon Synopsis
Why does God have two harvests - an early and a late harvest? The early harvest pictures us as firstfruits who will have overcome and be raised on a future Pentecost. We will work with God the Father and Christ to prepare Isreal, who will have God's spirit during in the millennim, to be prepared for the work of the last great harvest of all mankind, who will be raised on the Last Great Day. There is no third resurrection.
10/13/2012 3223
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Tools of a Christian
Sermon Synopsis
Prayer, fasting, bible study and meditation are four powerful spiritual tools. These four tools are discussed at length, and instruction on how we can use these tools daily in our Christian life is provided.
10/20/2012 3226
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Is Philadelphia Love Enough?
Sermon Synopsis
People leave God's church for two reasons 1) Lack of understanding of God's government, 2) Not wanting to abide by God's government. Some realize God is leading the CGF but still leave. Why? True Agape love can only exist through God's spirit in us. 13 attributes of true Godly love is discussed.
10/27/2012 3125
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - How Full Is The Cup Of Iniquity?
Sermon Synopsis
There is an appointed time in God's plan where the fullness of sin will be reached and then will come correction. How full is our nation/world's iniquity?
11/03/2012 3241
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - After Feast Motivation
Sermon Synopsis
God and His word is our motivation. How does He do it? By the spiritual fruits He offers us in our lives. Nine fruits of the spirit are discussed and how we can develop, improve, and build them in our lives, and to use them to His glory and service.
11/10/2012 3237
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Leviticus Part IV - The Peace Offering
Sermon Synopsis
The Peace Offerings are another class of offerings, differing from those previously discussed. They are of a bloody nature, but still have peculiarities of their own. All bloody sacrifices always represent Christ. The Peace Offerings refer mainly to the benefits and blessings of Christ's sacrifice as distributed and feasted upon by His people.
11/17/2012 3252
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - Our Attitude To God's Ministry
Sermon Synopsis
Authority and government is the key and glue to unity. The ministry is the guardian of God's temple. Many have rejected the government of God as taught by HWA. The CGF has God's governmental structure. The true gospel cannot be separated from God's governmental structure. God will only reveal prophesy to whom He governs! We must show respect for God and his ministers as they follow Him.
11/24/2012 3259
Sermon: Mr. Jon Ardis - The Great Falling Away
Sermon Synopsis
The “great falling away” of 2 Thes.2:3 has already occurred, and the man of sin has been revealed.  The false prophet of Rev. 13 will not sit in God’s Temple, and is not the man of sin.  Read the scriptures, be silent and listen to God.

12/01/2012 3270
Sermon: Mr. Wallace Lawton - Leviticus Part V - Aaron In The Duties Of His Office
Sermon Synopsis
We can only become priests, by connection with Jesus the High Priest. Aaron and his sons obediently assented to their Divine appointment. Though many are called and nominated, many will not consent to serve. They prefer to be priests of sin and self, rather than to being priests of God and of Christ. We can only be set apart as priests of God and of Christ by the ceremonies which God Himself, by his Son, has prescribed. The particulars of these ceremonies and their meanings are discussed.
12/08/2012 3276
Sermon: Mr. Gerry Ardis - Feeling the Urgency to Teach
Sermon Synopsis
The Day of the Lord has come and Jesus is now discerning and "checking us out". Visits by Jesus in Old Testament and New Testament times has been and is His normal way of doing things. There are various phases in the past, present and future that Jesus has and will be involved with to finish God's work. Will we have a good report on our part in God's work?
12/15/2012 3282
Sermon: Mr. Kevin Montgomery - The Daily Battle
Sermon Synopsis
Three questions about our individual spiritual growth and six devices Satan uses to get us off track in our spiritual growth is discussed. In addition to the Armour of God, God gives us nine defenses that we can use to defeat Satan. Let's put these tools to daily and active use to increase our spiritual growth.
12/22/2012 3289
Sermon: Mr. John Durrad - God's Family Government
Sermon Synopsis
God did not form a new governmental structure for the New Testament churches. The Kingdom of God and God's government are the same. Five of the seven church eras lost their head and looked to men. Philadelphia and Smyrna did not. God cannot work with a church or individual with an attitude that goes against His governmental structure. God's family government is everything!
12/29/2012 3272

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